Manayunk Farm is an urban farm in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. We have a small garden, a few fruit trees, chickens and beehives in our backyard. It all started over the Winter of 2012 when my mother and I read “Farm City” by Novella Carpenter and were inspired to get 3 chickens that Spring. The next Summer we joined the Philadelphia Beekeeper’s Guild and started keeping bees.

During the Summer of 2014 we launched this website, expanded our chicken coop, got 6 more chickens and started selling our honey for the first time. In 2015, my dad attended his first beekeeping course, we raised 2 more chickens, we planted a pair of both witch hazel and apple trees, and made some new products. We were also featured on NPR and in Grid magazine for our work in the field of technologically advanced beekeeping. In 2016 we had two amazing family friends, Max and Nellie, helping us out. We created more products than ever, including soaps, lip balms and jams and sold them at the Pretzel Park Farmers Market in Manayunk.

2017 is a whole new ballgame. We’re still figuring out what this year is going to mean for us. The easiest way to find out what we’re up to is to follow along on our Facebook and instagram.


 Team Bios


Wynn Geary
Position: Founder of Manayunk Farm, President of RISBEE, and co-creator of Project NKTR
Bio: Wynn is a Sophomore at The Rhode Island School of Design where he studies Industrial Design. Wynn founded Manayunk Farm in 2012 in the backyard of his parent’s home. Wynn’s favorite font is “Gotham” with “Tilda” coming in at a close second. Wynn wears Warby Parker glasses and checks MacRumors and Brand New obsessively.

Lori Salamida
Position: Co-Owner, Urban Agriculturalist, Product Tester, Mom
Bio: Lori has had an enduring fascination with micro-farming, so when her tweenager came to her all excited after reading Novella Carpenter’s “Farm City,” she seriously thought she had died and gone to heaven! After falling in love with her first bevy of hens, it was an easy leap to start keeping honeybees (and more hens). She insists she’s drawing the line at goats, but we think that could still happen. When she’s not working for the man, Lori collaborates closely in managing all aspects of the farm, including the well-being of several hens, various bee hives, soil and compost integrity, and a couple of warring felines.
Favorite Quote: “I am serious!” – The Lady Chablis

Addison Geary
Position: Co-Owner, Photographer, Chicken Keeper, Honeybee Enthusiast
Bio: Addison has helped us convince you that Manayunk Farm is a real place. His stunning images of our experiments in chicken and beekeeping have won our hearts. Everything else about Addison can be learned through his website addisongeary.com or his Facebook page.

Max Lawrence
Position: Co-Creator of Project NKTR, Family Therapist, Auntie
Bio: Max is a man who has a dog named Lilly (who you can follow on instagram). He might have fallen to Earth but we’re not quite sure, he says he’s from Ohio. He works with technology. Max graduated from the painting department at The Rhode Island School of Design in 1998.

Nellie Konopka
Position: Artist In Residence, Social Media Witch
Bio: Nellie is a Freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design and will be graduate of The Episcopal Academy. At E.A. Nellie concentrated her studies around art, design and urban farming. For her senior project she is built a post modern chicken coop which now houses 3 chickens of her own. Nellie’s favorite artist is Frida Kahlo.
Favorite Quote: “why did the scarecrow get a promotion?
he was just outstanding in his field!”