Chicks Week 4


This Wednesday it will have been 5 weeks since we got our 6 little puffballs in the mail! They’ve grown quite a bit, their wing feathers came in and their legs have developed enough for them to hop out of the tupperware box we’ve had them in and they’ve been running around the house, so this weekend we had to move them from the house into a screened-in corner of the shed.

A chicken stays warm by fluffing up their feathers and creating a warm pocket of air between their skin and their inner plumage. Because not all of the chicks have their feathers grown in enough to keep them warm we’ll have to wait another 1-2 weeks before we can introduce them to our older birds and have them live in the coop.

This past week my friend Amy (who also helped us extract honey and took some amazing photos in the process) came over and met the chicks for the first time and documented their first introduction to the world outside their grey box. I’ll upload the photos in the days to come.