2 weekends, 60 jars and 45 pounds of honey later, we’ve finished extracting our summer batch of Manayunk Farm honey. Earlier this Spring I wrote a blog post defining the 2 methods of honey extraction (find it here). In the past I’ve only used the “crush and strain” method, but I’ve had the chance to use a hand crank extractor and more recently I was able to use the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild motorized extractor. When you have to cut the wax capping off of 20 frames filled with honey, then spin them, the motorized extractor is your best friend.

It took us 2 weekends to spin all of the frames and we were left with 2 five gallon buckets full of light amber wildflower honey. Sunday night we set up a laptop on the kitchen table and watched “Food Inc.” while jarring up the honey. It was truly validating to know that we were actively fighting the battle against huge food conglomerates, stealing their profits and delivering local honey to our community.

We are selling the 1 Pint jars at $15 and the 1/2 pound jars at $7 you can contact me here if you’re interested in buying. We will also be selling our honey at a discount at the Philadelphia Honey Festival on September 5th, 6th and 7th.