Summer On The (Urban) Farm

It’s been an exciting summer so far, with our first large crop of honey and 6 new chickens there have been surprises around every corner. For the past 2 weeks we’ve been touring Germany, while there we cycled through the countryside with a German beekeeper and met farmers throughout the region who kept bees and free ranging chickens. We were able to swap recipes and ideas as well as taste test some really unique honeys.

Before we left for our trip we had the most surprising twist of the summer thus far. Our Silver Laced Wyandotte is a rooster. We realized that “she” was really aggressive, constantly pecking at the other chicks; then we started to hear faint cock a doodle doos in the mornings. We searched online at what SLW roosters look like and indeed, we have a rooster.

Many of the small farms we passed in Germany had roosters mixed in with their flock which has inspired us to give keeping a rooster a try. Stay tuned for future news about our rooster.