First Eggs

We received a package of chicks in April 2014 to replenish our flock after our best egg laying hen, Lucy was eaten by a raccoon last winter. Lucy was a Buff Orpington, a fairly common breed of chicken known for their orange color, sweet temperament and reliable egg laying. This spring we ordered 2 more Buff Orpington to replace Lucy, along with a lavender orpington, silver laced wyandotte and 2 silkie bantams.

Our 2 Silkies were never meant to be egg layers, we keep them purely as pets. While Silkies do lay they only do so 3-4 times a week and their eggs tend to be small. Over the summer, our lavender Orpington hen got eaten and the Silver Laced Wyandotte turned out to be a rooster. This fall when it was time for our hens to start laying, we realized that our only 2 reliable egg layers would be our two Buff Orpingtons.

On October 17th one of our Buffs laid their very first egg at 25 weeks old. She has started a trend and her twin sister has started to lay along with our 3 year old Barred Plymouth Rock.