The Spring Forecast

It’s the dead of Winter, yet a farmer’s work is never done. Short days and frigid temperatures force us indoors but allow us time to plan for Spring. Some awesome things are in the works, one slightly sad and the others super exciting!

In March, we will be saying goodbye to our rooster Kristoph, (again). A chicken breeder from Reading Pennsylvania expressed ¬†interest after seeing¬†pictures of him online and is planning to add him to her flock. He’s actually quite a handsome¬†bird, so good looking that she wants to use him for breeding.¬†Who knows, we may have some of Kristoph’s chicks running around on our farm someday. The same breeder that will be adopting Kristoph, is currently incubating some very special additions¬†to our flock, 2 Swedish Flower Hens. These hens are a fairly rare breed that are new to the United States, stunningly beautiful and fantastic egg layers.

Our chicken news aside, On March 28th we will be at Smith Memorial Playground¬†teaching kids of all ages about bees and beekeeping. We’ll have an observation beehive, kids and adult bee suits, a local honey tasting and more. On top of that, there’s one more really revolutionary¬†project coming this Spring that we can’t tell you about just yet, but we’ll keep you posted as things unfold.