We’re in Grid Magazine

Check out the July edition of Grid Magazine and you’ll find a 2 page spread all about the work we’ve been doing with the smart beehive. Max Lawrence and I have been working on this project for the past couple of months and it is finally taking shape, it’s amazing to have a full page image and such a beautifully written article about the project in one of my favorite magazines.

The article is really representative of what a team effort this project has been. Samantha Wittchin (author of the article) has been someone who I’ve been bouncing bee related ideas off of since November, Max and I are both interviewed in the piece and give our hopes for what the project will become moving forward,  and both of the images are by my father Addison Geary. This project would never have happened if so many people hadn’t volunteered their time and energy to helping me out and I am so grateful.

Grid Magazine is free and is available at locations across the city and online at gridphilly.com. You can read the full article on grid’s website here or on pages 12-13 in the print edition.