A Room of One’s Own

Once you build functional, secure housing and establish a reliable feed source, keeping hens is not difficult, but trying to manage the pecking order can be. In our flock of eight, “Khaleesi” is the lowest on the totem pole. She is a small, white Silkie Bantam that has a hard time holding her ground at feeding time, and has been banished from the hen house at night. The other hens peck at her so unrelentingly that she has retreated to “a room of her own.”

The other birds roost together while Khaleesi sleeps by herself in a converted composter that we initially set up as an extra nesting box. We make sure this little space is lined with fresh straw and stays protected from wind and rain, but when it gets really cold, we wish the other hens would cut her a break!

The converted composter has proven to be popular during the day with the other hens too. It never worked that well for us as a composter, but with some slight modification, it has become very useful addition to the coop.

– Lori