Spring 2017 Update

Spring is here and a lot has changed for us over the winter months. We lost our beloved silkie bantam – Khaleesi in February, along with every last one of our honeybee colonies. We’ve also gone through some changes as a family. With these changes at home, and me in college in Rhode Island, we haven’t been able to give Manayunk Farm the attention we once were. While we are still dedicated urban farmers, we’re starting the process of pairing down. I will be returning to Philadelphia this summer and am very excited to continue with the work we’ve been doing, but on a more limited scale. Our plan is to slowly and carefully re-home our flock of chickens, and rebuild our bee population. You won’t see us at the farmers market this year, which is kinda a bummer because sharing our work with the community at the Pretzel Park Farmers Market was a really fulfilling experience for us.

This news isn’t all bad however, as always we’ve got a few irons in the fire that we’re excited to tell you about. Firstly, as of today we are no longer the bee-less beekeepers, thanks to the hard work of the Philadelphia Beekeeper’s Guild, we just adopted a hive of local overwintered honeybees this is a big step toward rebuilding our apiary. Secondly, our smart beehive project is continuing to manifest itself in interesting new ways and this summer I’ll be working again with Max Lawrence to show our work in a gallery space in West Philly. Lastly, I just couldn’t take not having bees with me at RISD anymore and I’ve started a beekeeping club here. “RISBEE” will have it’s first meeting later this month and I’m beyond excited to bring the work I’ve done with Manayunk Farm up to Providence. I’ll have more information about all of these things for you in due time.